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The University Institute of the Coast (IUC) is a large private institution of higher education whose vocation is the intellectual and human training of the students to the cycles of patent of technician, of professional Bachelor, of master and Engineer, for the development of companies and entrepreneurship in connection with the evolution of the industrial, technological and business world.

Created in 2002 in Logbessou (Douala), to become a center of excellence in Africa and, the institution of reference for companies, the IUC is designed for candidates with at least a secondary degree in industrial, technical , Commercial, scientific and literary specialities, whose ambition is to become a supervisor, senior manager or engineer - entrepreneur.

The Institut Universitaire de la Côte has three institutions:

• the Higher Institute of Technologies and Industrial Design (ISTDI), with its courses oriented towards the industrial sectors;
• the Institute of Business and Business Engineering (ICIA), the courses offered at this school relate to business, communication and management;
• the Institute of Computer Engineering in Central Africa (3ACC), it is an institution that has sub-regional coverage and offers students the possibility of training in the fields of industry and technology; Its specialty is to train holders of scientific Baccalaureate in the basic sciences, with a view to direct integration into the third year of an engineering cycle at the IUC or in partner schools.

All these schools offer courses at the Diploma, Bachelor and Master levels, and are international in the sense that they are in line with the new LMD pedagogical system. The skills acquired by our students, as well as the openness and adaptability we teach, enable them to carry out the tasks entrusted to them in all organizations and to consider all possible options for their professional future in an evolving global context, and whose environment is demanding.

The expanded offer and the quality of training at the IUC through excellent results, support for the process of integration of students in the working life, etc., are some indications showing the involvement of the IUC to the development of Africa's economy. Registration with the IUC is thus an imperative for any candidate wishing to succeed in his training course.

Conditions d'admission

The entry requierements are specific to each program. Please consult a program page on the university website for the requirements information.

Les avantages de faire ses études ici

The main concern of the IUC is to train students working on the world of employment. Students recruited and trained at the UCI have the know-how to verify and supplement theoretically and practically within the campus. As for the practical sessions, the IUC, unlike the other schools, equipped its campus with laboratories and workshops equipped with sophisticated conventional equipment. The vision of the school and the investment made make the campus IUC, one of the most provided institutions of the country in the different specialties that it offers to the learners. Infrastructure innovation policy, which has been in place since the creation of the institute, favors the creation of modern laboratories, together with a computer park of approximately 420 posts which accelerate the energy independence of the institution, provided by equipment incorporated in a Intelligent energy management system.

The institution develops a policy of concerted acquisition to allow students, and teachers who have fulfilled their library rights, to consult the collections adapted to its publics. The library contains about 2,000 books and periodicals covering various topics, plus more than 1000 electronic resources (bundles of journals, dissertations, theses, multimedia documents, etc.). For reading the books, a reading room is accessible to students. The latter is connected to the internet, giving access to an unlimited source of information. The establishment is also working on the creation of an electronic resource access service.

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Accréditation & Distinctions

IUC is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon

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