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The University of Dschang (UD) is one of the 8 public universities of Cameroon. Created by the reform of the university by Decree No. 93/026 of January 19, 1993, it inherits the former university center of Dschang, which mainly has agro-sylvo pastoral vocation. The University of Dschang has seven institutions: Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEG), Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEG), Faculty of Economics and Management (FSEA), Faculty of Humanities (FESA), Faculty of Science (FSA) (FUT) Victor in Bandjoun and the Foumban Institute of Fine Arts (IBAF).

The institution has eight campuses in 6 of the 10 regions of the country, namely education and research centers in Bambui (North-West), Belabo (East), Ebolowa (South), Maroua (Far North) and Yaoundé - Nkolbisson (Center). In the West, on the main campus of Dschang and two establishments in Bandjoun and Foumban. This year 2014/2015, the institution supervises about 35,000 Cameroonian and foreign students. There are 510 permanent teachers, 49 assistant teachers ... and 583 support staff. The permanent staff are supported by temporary agents, mainly companies and various organizations, which are requested in the context of professionalization.

On the advice of economic operators and administrators, it can be said that the community is proud of the quality of the training offered. The DUs have in fact given training for twenty years to meet the development and influence needs of Cameroon within the country and abroad. The continuation of this process, however, is facilitated both for the registration of academic activities in the Bachelor-Master-Doctorate system and for the anchoring of the national development policy expressed in the Strategy Document for Growth and Employment ( ECSD). To the UDs, the celebration of each success is a starting point for reflection on the challenges facing the institution.

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University of Dschang offers a wide range of study opportunities at different levels of your career. These range from undergraduate, graduate as well as continuing career enhancement options. Please consult the University courses pages for the requirements information.

Les avantages de faire ses études ici

To give full meaning to its efforts for progress, the UDs articulates training and development. It is in this sense and, in the alternative, in the hope of opening up possibilities of additional resources to deal more effectively with the heavy burdens of the institution, that the Economic Interest Grouping (GIE) set up in 2006 has been reinvigorated . Within the university, the EIG has rationalized the exploitation of certain previously immobilized assets (farms, rolling stock, fixed equipment, etc.). It has formed a pool of experts in a wide range of fields. Outside the UDs, the GIE supports the government in many projects and knows how to serve the populations to contribute to their development. Through this organization, the UDs would like to position itself, among other things, as a center of excellence for the green economy and sustainable development.



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The University of Dschang (UDs) were created by the reform of the university by Decree No. 93/026 of January 19, 1993, it inherits the former university center of Dschang.

University of Dschang is Cameroonian second university and falls within the 100 top universities in Africa according to webometrics.

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