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The University of Douala, like the other seven public universities in Cameroon, was created and organized by Presidential Decree No. 93/030 of 19 January 1993. It inherits the structures of the University Center of Douala, then composed of the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC-1977) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure de l'Enseignement Technique (ENSET-1979), founded on 28 April 1977 and transformed into a university on 13 April 1992, Following Decree No. 92/74 on the transformation of university centers into universities.

With about 300 programs, of which nearly one hundred are professionals, the University of Douala is positioning itself as a leader in terms of professionalization of teaching in Cameroon.

The academic year at the University of Douala is composed of two (02) semesters of fourteen (14) weeks each. It runs from October to July, with a catch-up session in September, all disciplines and all LMD cycles. The working languages ​​are French and English. However, the student is allowed to compose in the language of his / her choice (French or English); Similarly, the teacher offers courses in the language of his or her choice (French or English).

In addition to its 11 classical institutions (FLSH, FSJP, FSEGA, ESSEC, ENSET, IUT, IBA, ISH, FMSP and FS), the University of Douala has two specialized structures:

1.The Internet Academy: specializes in online education. It offers diploma and qualification courses leading to the award of internationally recognized diplomas or certifications. 
2.The Center of Molecular Atomic Physics and Quantum Optics (CEPAMOQ): provides doctoral training from the Master 2 in Physics of Matter and Radiation, consisting of three options:
Optics and Applications; Dosimetry and Radiation Protection; Atoms and Molecules.

Conditions d'admission

University of Douala offers a wide range of study opportunities at different levels of your career. These range from undergraduate, graduate as well as continuing career enhancement options. Please consult the University courses pages for the requirements information.

Les avantages de faire ses études ici

In addition to the offers of classical training, the University of Douala wants to be also a technopole open to the business world in line with its geolocation in the economic capital. The curricula are therefore discussed and implemented in order to respond to the slogan "a young-a job".

The orientation days (Journées d'Orientations académique et Professionnelle - JOAP), organized every year, allow young people wishing to pursue their studies at the University of Douala to make judicious choices about the establishment, the sector and the future profession.

In the field of cooperation and relations with the business world, the University of Douala has developed a diversified network of national and international partners. It opens up to the world by amplifying its cooperation, which has become more dynamic. These are partnerships, conventions, tutorials that reflect its national and international influence.

The multidimensional scientific deployment of the University of Douala is accompanied by a national and international influence.

At the national level, it is the largest State University in Cameroon in terms of the number of its institutions, its teachers and that of its students. Its geographical location in the city of Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon (leading country in the sub-region of Central Africa) is a not insignificant asset in its tayonnement. Thus, institutions such as ESSEC, ENSET, IUT, the Faculty of Sciences, etc. Market quality products that are absorbed by the local socio-professional community. Environmental, mining, petroleum and legal scientists are also valued in the national, sub-regional and international labor market.

On the international level, the University of Douala welcomes teachers / researchers from renowned universities around the world, and in the framework of academic exchanges. Conversely, many teachers / researchers from the University of Douala offer courses at universities in the subregion, in the rest of Africa, in Europe and in America.

The students trained at the University of Douala integrate without complex in all the universities of the world. The fifty conventions signed with African, European, American and Asian universities attest to the international influence of the University of Douala.

To complete this glorious picture, the University of Douala, through its School of Superiors of Economic and Commercial Sciences (ESSEC) has just been ranked among the 10 (ten) first business schools in Africa.


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The University of Douala, like the other seven public universities in Cameroon, was created and organized by Presidential Decree No. 93/030 of 19 January 1993.

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