Détails de la formation

Master in Mathematics, Economics and Statistics

Cotonou, Benin

On Demand

Economics & Political Sciences

1-2 years


Course Start- 17 Sep 2018

African School of Economics

The structure of our MMES program is nearly identical to that of the first two years of a North American doctoral program in Economics. This is a research oriented program designed for students and mid-careers professionals with a bachelor degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Econometrics. This program offers three sub-fields: Econometric Theory, Econometrics and Applied Economics.

Year 1

First Semester

  1. Microeconomics I
  2. Macroeconomics I
  3. Econometrics I
  4. Mathematics for Economists
  5. Statistics and Economic Theory
  6. Computing
  7. English

Second Semester

  1. Microeconomics II
  2. Macroeconomics II
  3. Econometrics II (Applied Time Series)
  4. Applied Econometrics (Impact Evaluation)
  5. Economic History
  6. Introduction to Qualitative Data Analysis

Year 2

First Semester

  1. International Trade
  2. Behavioral Economics
  3. Development Economics
  4. Political Economy
  5. Topics in Political Economics: Conflicts

Second Semester

  1. Research Design
  2. Thesis Seminar
  3. Internship

Full-time master’s degrees are offered in a two-year timeframe, while part-time degrees are offered in a three-year timeframe. Prior to the start of their studies, students take math and English placement exams and are required to complete preparatory coursework one month before the start of the academic year. Prior to the start of their second year, students must pass a comprehensive examination. All students are required to complete several core classes; they also have a choice of elective courses, and write a thesis in their final semester.