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Finding information about programs and universities is incredibly difficult in Africa. It is hard to notice that most of the +4000 universities/private schools available on the continent don’t have a significant online presence. In fact, most of these universities either have no website or limited information on their websites to inform prospective students, and even when the information is available, one could spend hours finding and comparing courses. It therefore becomes difficult for students to make an informed choice and decide on which university and course to apply for. This poor online presence also present itself to be a barrier for African universities to reach out and attract prospective students, as they continue to rely on traditional marketing methods which are proven to be expensive and are inefficient.

Studengo was created in 2017 to become that missing connection between students looking for courses opportunities and local universities struggling to attract and recruit more students. The company mission is to “Democratize higher education on the continent by making study choice transparent for students and equally, making the student recruitment process easier for universities”.


Find and compare thousands of degrees from top universities, private schools and online providers in Africa. Find the perfect course that meet your quality criteria and budget.


Studengo provides marketing solutions to educational institutions in Africa to help them increase their visibility, maximize their reach and marketing performance. As your success is our mission, our offers allow you to maximize on your ROI. Take advantage of our cost effective offers allowing you to have a complete control on your budget for marketing and student recruitment campaigns.