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Studengo is a solution developed by TalentCope Group, an educational organization working to resolve the most critical challenges around Education in Africa.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make education work for africa, promote higher education across the continent in order to develop our tertiary education system, because we believe of the power and importance of education in the development of our continent.

Our Values

Studengo was created with the values of Innovation and Success; Passion and Teamwork; Continuous and sustainable development. Our goals and objectives find their meaning into those values.

Our Team

We are a small team of highly talented individual passionate about education and social entrepreneurship. We’ve have team up with social enterprises and experts in education to bring Studengo to live. Our diverse background and experience is our strength.

D. Kenfack
Co-Founder and CEO

Passionate about helping others achieve their potential, Drey is decision maker and young entrepreneur motivated by the strong belief that Africa can achieve a sustainable development through Education.

W. Tsoblefack
Co-founder and COO

Wilfried is a great achiever, a real example of how education can take you as far as you believe in. He believes in the potential of education and want to make education work for Africa.

H. Moungoue
Regional Director –West Africa

Hermann joined the team in the early stage of the project with the strong belief the Studengo will leverage the way young Africans access to higher education. He is in charge of expending our portfolio of universities in the West Africa Region.


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