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Selection of services we offer to our students and institutions



We recognise that one of the key problem students face in Africa is the lack of Academic orientation. This is key for their future career success. Through the below services, we want to support students to make the right study choice for their future.

  • Academic advice
  • Mentoring and support
  • University entry preparation
  • Support in students application
  • Opportunity for international study mobility

Career Development

One of the factor of the economic development of the continent is the correlation between higher education and employability. That is why, we want to ensure that every student receive the support they need for quicker career development and job integration. The below services we provide are key for a successful career development:

  • Professional development (the value of work experience and voluntary placements)
  • CV development
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Career advice and support
  • Professional networking


Analytics and Marketing

We want universities, private schools, online institutions, colleges and languages schools to connect to students, attract students, increase their visibility, maximize their reach and marketing performance.

  • Help institutions reach out to millions of students. Our platform ensure that students come directly to you. We make sure that students who are looking for your programs can easily connect to you.
  • We help institutions improve their online marketing performance for greater online presence and visibility. We are committed to make online marketing work for you.
  • Gain access to our full data analysis, gathered through Google analytics and other tools.
  • We provide market insights and competitor analysis (who your competitors are, where the students come from, the tuition fees your competitors charges etc..).


Our consulting services aim to raise the standard of institutions. We support institutions in developing the teaching capabilities of their employees and in developing programs for students.

  • We will design university preparation workshops for your institution to help you attract more students.- We utilise the skills of academics with experience working at UK universities to help support students in developing study skills and preparing for university entry.
  • We will design the courses to suit the needs of different students and can cover a wide range of subjects (Workshop topics).
  • We will help and support your institution improve its student retention. This is key to academic success of students and should be reviewed regularly.
  • We will work with you to identify potential lucrative markets that could help you establish other professional courses and partnerships with Universities and Schools abroad (mainly UK).

Educational Staff Development & Training

The quality of education offered within a country is a strong predictor of economic growth rates. African nations stand to benefit from a better-educated labor market where workers possess the skills and knowledge to compete in a knowledge-based global economy. While universal access to schooling yields some economic benefits, significant improvements in the quality of learning will achieve a greater impact for advancing development progress and economic growth in countries. Sound teaching and learning quality in degree programmes is the sine qua non of enhancing graduate employability. That is why we want to raise the teaching standard of institutions by providing the below services:

  • Develop programmes aimed at helping your academic staff improve their academic teaching practices.
  • Develop online training programmes for academic staff and students. We work with you to establish your institution’s needs and help you set up courses for students.
  • Design and deliver workshops on a whole range of subject areas aimed at helping staff improve their teaching methods, including: engaging students, research abilities, understanding learning styles, delivering feedback to students, small and large group teaching methods etc…
  • We provide medical and health professional courses in line with the UK standard (we work with UK trained doctors and physiotherapist/ sports science professional). We also have a wide range of network of consultants to cover courses related to other subject areas including geochemistry/ analytical chemistry/ marine science- through both theoretical and practical designed classes.

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